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Editorial Preference

Inflectionist Review has a strong preference for non-linear work that carefully constructs ambiguity so that the reader can play an active role in the poem. In general, we commend the experimental, the worldly and universal, and eschew the inane, trendy, and overly personal. Work that reveals multiple layers with further readings. Work that speaks to people across borders, across literary and cultural boundaries, across time periods, is more likely to fascinate us (and the reader).

Though the editors have a special interest in shorter poems, we are open to longer works that adhere to our general philosophy. Multi-sectioned or thematically-linked poems are also accepted.

Novice and seasoned writers are welcome to submit; it is the quality and strength of the work that ultimately determines its inclusion in our journal.

* Inflectionist Review annually nominates published work for The Pushcart Prize.

General Review Guidelines

  • We read submissions year round, but please submit only once each quarter/issue.
  • You may submit 3-7 poems at a time. Please include all poems in one document, uploadable via our submission manager.
  • Do not include any personal information in the document, as submissions are read blindly.
  • In the Comments section of the submission manager, please include a cover letter and a short biographical statement, including previous publications and a few words on your poetic approach or philosophy.
  • Turn-around time is approximately 3 months.
  • Simultaneous submissions are accepted, but email us at info@inflectionism.com to withdraw a piece that has been accepted elsewhere.
  • As a general rule, previously published work is not accepted. However, if you truly feel a certain poem is a perfect fit for us and if you hold the rights to it, we are open to considering it. Do include its previous publication credit.

Publishing-related Interviews with the Editors

A. Molotkov
John Sibley Williams

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Distinguished Writer Section

  •  If a certain poet particularly intrigues us, we will include a larger selection of his or her work, along with an extended biography.
  • In hopes of delving further into his or her creative process, the selected poet will be interviewed, with the Q&A published in that issue.
Currently, we unfortunately cannot offer payment for the publication of your work.

All other editorial inquiries can be sent to: info@inflectionism.com.

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